Golf Leagues--2020

Brookfield Hills Golf Course hosts several golf leagues during the summer, which are held Monday through Thursday.  Generally, the leagues run 16 weeks and they usually begin late April or the first week in May and end in late August.  Golf leagues must consist of  20 golfers or more.  Many of the golf leagues are social leagues, but we also have some that are competitive as well. Each league is ran by a Captain that you can contact for more information.  

Below is a partial list of leagues that may be looking for new members in 2020.


  Day Times Start / Finish  Type Style Contact Info
  Monday 6:00am-10:30am  May/Sept

Senior 18 holes


Patrick Weyer   414-587-9703  Need Members 2020

  Monday 11:00-? May 1/? Senior 9 holes Social John Weber  262-424-7497 
  Monday  5:00pm-5:15pm May/August

Mens 9 hole

 Competitive Dan Hackett 262-797-0692 members needed
  Tuesday  7:37am- 8:30am May/ August Ladies 9 holes Competitive/Social  Liza Ekstrand (262) 366-9152 Need Members for 2020
  Tuesday  9:00am- 10:00am May/ Early Sept.  Ladies 9 holes  Social

Sue Frodl (262) 402-7470 

  Tuesday  4:15pm-   May/August  Ladies 9 holes  Social Kim Alexander  414-640-6888  
  Tuesday 5:15pm- May/  August Mens 9 Holes Competitive 

Brian Mrochinski 414-801-7456 Need members.

   Tuesday  4:15-4:52  May/Aug  Mens 9 holes Two man teams  Mike Kompas...414-257-2090  FULL
  Wednesday     7:30am- 9:15am  May/August Ladies 9 holes Competitive    Kathy Fleming (920) 585-2687  Need Members! for 2020
  Wednesday 4:37pm-5:07pm May/ August   Mens 9 holes  Competitive Steve Young (262)470-2782 
  Wednesday 5:15pm-6:00pm  May/ August  Co-Ed 9 holes  Social

 Ellie Jensen (262)392-2886  

  Wednesday 5:15pm-6:00pm   May/August  Mens 9 holes  Competitive/ Social  Mark Berezowitz (414)839-3420 - 
  Thursday 8:30am- ? May/ August

Ladies 9 holes


Barb Benes  262-641-0686  Need Members for 2020

  Thursday 5:22-5:52  May/  August Ladies 9 Holes Social/ 2 Women               Teams

Linda Bork 262-613-0081  Wait list for 2020 or‚Äč


Thursday  4:37- 5:00  May/ August Mens 9 holes Competetive  Dave Deemer, 
  Thursday 3:30pm-4:22pm   May/ August  Co-Ed 9 holes  Social  Karen Nelson (414)559-2296, 


Each golf league is managed by a league captian who runs the league.  If you are interested in joining one of our golf leagues please call the clubhouse or email/ call captain of league for further details.

 Updated June 16, 2020

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